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Hi all from Cardington, Ohio!! I am Deborah, homeschooling Mom to three (Chloe, Grace and Elijah). My husband and I run a small metal fabrication business from home. We started our little venture into "farming" with a 10x12 garden and that was all it took!! I have since greatly enlarged the garden, added berry bushes and fruit trees as well as small laying flock. I'm slowly working my way into homesteading. I like life simple. We can and freeze tons of food, I make my own laundry detergent, I sew as much as possible. I am hoping to tap some sugar maples and make syrup this winter/spring and will possibly try my hand at beekeeping in the future!!
We got our girls as day old pullets from Ridgeway Hatchery in LaRue, Ohio on Saint Patrick's day of 2009. They quickly became members of the family and the kids even named one after their grandmother!! We started with 3 Barred Rock and 3 Golden Comets. I have since added 2 older hens, that a friend needed to get rid of to make room for new chicks. The Americana and Delaware I bought were already laying beautiful, big eggs and have encouraged 2 of my younger girls to begin laying!!!
We are currently housing the hens in a 6x4 foot tractor and we have begun building the coop. My husband however, is a metal fabricator and is struggling with the wood....he even threated to weld up a steel coop!! Fingers crossed it will be completed soon. We've been lucky enough to find scrap pallets and 2x4s at his work and have bought very little lumber. Our total building costs are $55 which included 2 recycled windows we bought from a neighbor for $10!! We will have a little more in it if we can't find siding and roofing free. Pictures coming once I am able to fix our camera!!

[FONT=verdana,geneva]We are in the process of researching dairy goats and are hoping to be ready for two in the spring of 2010. The thought of fresh milk, cheese and soap making is very appealing. After mcuh reading I am leaning towards Nigerian Pygmy goats as I like their smaller size. I haven't had much luck finding anyone who raises them in my area (I'd like to talk to someone and get their firsthand advice). [/FONT]
I am also interested in raising chickens for meat. I have been reading the forums and just need to assemble the tools and gear to butcher my own as processing fees will offset any savings we might encounter by raising our own.

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