Yummy Chicken Treats

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  1. Cluckcluck1215
    I love to make treats for my chickens.whether its just a handful of grain or a mud cake, I will make it for them.i want to share my treat mixes with you!enjoy! :cd

    Chicken chick suprise!
    1 Cup Cracked Corn
    1 Handful Of Green Grass
    1 Cup Of Regular Grain(With Ostershells)
    1 Egg

    Things You'll Need:
    1 Frisbee
    And a Very Hot And Sunny Day

    Step 1:lay a handful of grass in the frisbee and spread it all around the frisbee.

    Step 2:put one cup of Grain in the frisbee on tipoff the grass.Make sure it's all around the frisbee.do the same with the cracked corn.

    Step 3:Crack the egg and put it on top of everything.then, peel the membrain of the inside of the egg.safe it.

    Step 3:Break the egg shells into small pieces.spirnkie them all around the frisbee.they lay the membrain on the frisbee as well.set it in the sun for 1 hour or until the egg yolk is fried.feed it to the hens and its a Yummy Treat!

    Bea's Mud Birthday Cake:
    4 Pieces Of Bread
    5 Leafs Kale
    Sunflower Seeds

    Things you'll need:
    A plate
    A bucket(for water)
    A bucket(for dirt)
    A stick

    Step 1:Make some very thick, yet wet mud.make a cake shape on the plate.
    Step 2:put every thing on the cake and give it to the chicken(s)!

    (NOTE:will be adding more)

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