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Zah Zahs Page

By Zah-zah · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Zah-zah
    My name is Hilde and I live in Belgium. Last saturday I got my first chickens. I was really looking forward for them to come home. Now all 3 are living in my backyard.
    First there's Clara, she's what we in Belgium call an "mechelse koekoek". I don't know what the breed is in english. Maybe some off you know. Clara is the head off the chickenfamily, she tell's the others what they can or can't do.
    Then you have Joséphine and Charlotte, 2 Brahma sisters. They are the bigger chickens but easy-going. Charlotte is the sweet-one. That makes she can't do anything without Clara's approval.

    And this is their "home". It is not competelly finished yet but it is okay to live in. I'm working on a window and a "porch" or a 'shed' for them so they have some more dry space in winter.

    For now this is the only way I found to show the pictures. I hope it's okay. I'll try to improve this page later.
    Chicken-greetz from Belgium

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