Zesty Cheesy Ravioli

By Whirlwind · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Whirlwind

    1/2 c. water
    1 can diced italian flavored tomatoes
    1 clove minced garlic
    1 (9-oz.) pkg. fresh cheese ravioli
    2 cups chopped spinach
    1/8 tsp. sugar
    1 tbsp parmesan cheese
    1/4 tsp. salt
    1/4 tsp. pepper

    Cooking Instructions

    Combine first 3 ingredients, bring to boil. Add ravioli, cover and cook 5 min. stir occasionally. Uncover; cook 5 more min. Add spinach, sugar, salt, and pepper. Cover; cook 2 more min., stir occasionally. Remove from heat. Let stand 5 min covered. Sprinkle with cheese and serve.

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