Just started last year (2010) hatching my own chicks and became quickly addicted

I started out with a couple BO hens, 1 Wynadotte hen, 2 Jersey Giant chicks and a Buff/Brahma Roo. I have a bunch of "mutt" chickens now (my girls <3) and no longer have the Wynadotte or Roo anymore due to a coyote raid. So now with a new run and coop, I want to start hatching out more pure breeds and bantams. I just hatched out my first Cochin and just fell completely in love <3 She is the best little chick I have yet come across (no offence to the girls :)

My zoo consists of : 1 tolerant and almost as obsessed BF
, 3 annoyingly loveable cats, 1 mini Aussie/Cocker, 1 Basset,

1 Shepherd/Chow, 1 little snake that fishes for food in a water dish :) and 10 hens with 8 lil chicks in a brooder <3