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    I live in north Wales, UK. I go to an agricultural college in north Wales. This is where I get most of my animals from and will continue to do so :p
    I have a 3yo English Springer Spaniel called Lexi,
    1 DSH - Belle,
    2 guinea pigs - Sugar and Spice,
    2 Aylesbury ducks - 1 boy called Tilly and his girlfriend Toots,
    3 Vorwerks including my VERY handsome cockerel Roger,
    2 Warrens,
    1 Australorp,
    1 plain white unkown breed of chicken!,
    2 Light Sussex,
    1 Speckledy,
    3 Cuckoo Marans
    4 Vorwerk Cross 3month old chicks,
    13 8 week old chicks that i'm trying to find out the breeds as we speak :)

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