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My name is Bob the only name I spell backwards

This is my story,
I've been working in the Property Inspection and Preservation field for just over ten years after I sold off my 34 rental properties. Yes I'm now one of those guys just doing his job, But I take possession of peoples homes for the bank. My piont is that I know this time in history will be known as the MAGA DEPRESSTION!!! The signs are all there !!! Do you know about (Time Value of Money) that's where your Mortage is on a thirty year plan and most of your payment goes towards the interest, (todays interest) on the value of todays dollar. Think about now, In only ten years that same dollar will NOT buy you the same thing it did before. If you looked at how much money you was making ten or twenty years ago and how much thing cost like Property Taxs that are going up every six months, or gas, smokes, food and soda or Pop/Cola. If you really look at it you will find that you only got deeper in the same hole that the whole Untied State is in right now.

If they had only given all the people the bailout money, insted of the big car companies and banks. We would have come out the other side of this a stronger USA. The Stuck-on-Stupid people that are in control of this country must go. We must look out for are selfs and raise chickens and learn other things that will help are selfs to survive.

I live in Columbus, Ohio in an area just inside the city limits of I-270. I'm in an area where I have woods all around me and lots of wild life, Infact I feed a herd of deer nightly.
I bought twenty four birds this April 8th from Tractor Supplie, Twelve: White Leghorn, that I've found out recently are not,White Leghorn, THANKS TSD. Six: Rhode Island Reds, and Six: Red Star Sex Link. I started out with that many because I assumed from other members that I may lose some birds along the growing period to my bad luck, but to my stuck-on-stupid luck. I've not lose one bird yet.
My good neighbor and I builded a Chichen Coop and build a 12' by 16' run for those twenty four birds, which will be completly inclosed in wire.

I'm a newbie to the chicken world but have had a good time along the way
Just a Fishing Story, 6.5lb Large Mouth and a 9lb Cat from a little Ohio Pond.