Goin Quackrrs

Goin Quackrrs, May 8, 2012
    • FirewifeJess
      So....what happened here?
    • Eagle2026
      He rode his trike down our back hill in our yard and I ran as fast as I could to try and save him but as I got to the craftsman lawn tractor trailer he hit @ the same time.
      Amazing he didn't lay it down before the end of the hill, and I was right there @ full speed to pluck him off the trike and into the car to go get stiched up.
      Quite a tough little guy I have.
    • FirewifeJess
      Poor guy! But, it happens! I bet he had a headache after that one!
    • SD Bird Lady
      Poor little guy. Head wounds always bleed so bad. My little man did something similar just the other day. Good thing they heal fast. Sorry I wasn't stalking you just reading about your Marans and noticed the pic. At first it looked like he was burned.
    • Eagle2026
      No, not a burn notice the little slice in the forhead.
    • Jackandwhitey
      Sorry, I just wrote to you to ask what happened, now I have seen here what happened. I am a nurse, I was concerned. It's not a pretty picture. I feel for the little guy.
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    Goin Quackrrs
    May 8, 2012
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