Greenmm123, May 10, 2012
    • Tough Old Bird
      How cute is he? Looks like he's got on a fluffy pair of "bloomers"!
    • Lynzi777
      Thanks!! I LOVE this roo! I got him from Adoravachick. She has some beautiful Silkies. I'm hoping to use him to get some good looking chicks to hatch of my own. These 3 chicks that hatched 1/25 are from him and are feathering out quite nicely.
    • Tough Old Bird
      They are precious! Can you tell pullets vs. roo's this early?
    • Lynzi777
      I wish!! Silkies are one of the toughest to sex. One of my white hens I was actually told was a roo until she laid an egg! I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures and ask over and over on this thread if anyone knows what they are before I feel confident myself saying this is a hen and this is a roo. I am new to chickens as of last year and am still learning a lot. I have a small flock of three adult silkies and two orpingtons and now these 3 chicks, which 2 will have to go.
    • Tough Old Bird
      I'm about to take the chicken plunge this spring. I'm trying to get educated on "all things chicken" prior, but imagine you learn just as much or more after you own a flock. I recall your saying you are a transplant to the CNY area. I am, too. My hubby & I moved from NJ back in 1991 after we got married...we would never go back! We've got 5 acres and love the country life. Anyway, best of luck with your cute flock and keep the pic's coming.
    • Lynzi777
      Yes, we've been in NY since 2008 and have been loving it ever since! I'm hoping this is our last move for a while because I dont ever want to leave the country life. :)
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