RobJones, Jan 13, 2015
    • henmama6
      its not pretty like some coops. I have good bones though I started using all treated lumber. IM now using freebie wood to keep cost down and have a lot of plans on how I will finish this coop out when finished. I am using shipping crates which i have to carefully take apart and pull out long long staples from before I can cut and nail to coop. Taking a long time but it is free from here on until I buy my shingles. REally want to keep cost down since the reason for chickens is to have good food for not a lot of money. lol. Yea these are turning into an expensive hobby. All the feed additives and supplies needed makes the housing cost hard to get. So I hope to end up with a fairly pretty coop when Im done. It might take all summer to get the outside finished but who cares it is free and I work so my time building is limited. Sure I could go and spend 200 dollars and buy siding. TR 14 or whatever it is called would be great but that is 40 bucks a sheet and I would need 8 so the cost adds up . Ill use this free stuff and if it is not up to par in a few years I will add the other stuff on top of this to give me a layer of insulation. That way I can buy the stuff a sheet at a time. lol. Anyway when this is done I hope it is what I envision it in my minds eye.
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