2019 Spring Ducklings

We ordered 15 ducklings in February 2019. Here's the story…

    • Magnolia Ducks
      Thanks for sharing. How do you use the plastic baskets? I pick mine up on the 6th and feel very unprepared after looking at this.
    • CrystaBub
    • WannaBeHillBilly
      @Magnolia Ducks Once i managed to unglue myself from half of my furniture (pipe-cement!) i will post a picture of my handicraft…
    • Twoleggedmotherhen
      Looks like you have bases covered. Have the same feeder & waterer from when the 2 pullets were chicks. Using the feeder for the oyster shells.
    • WannaBeHillBilly
      @Magnolia Ducks: Just uploaded some new pictures where you can see what i did with one of those little baskets. I cut it to half of its height, placed it upside down into one of the plastic tubs and glued the scraps on, so that there is a more or less tight fit to the walls. Attached some support struts and duck-tape ;) and now no duckling will mess up my brooder with water! - At least i hope so…
    • Magnolia Ducks
      This is way cool. Did you buy the bottom part or cut out the entrance? This is a great idea. I usually brood in a kiddie pool with pine shavings and it gets wet and nasty. I am off to the dollar store tomorrow to see if I can create something similar.
    • happy duck
      You are so prepared!
    • WannaBeHillBilly
      @Magnolia Ducks Yes, i bought all that stuff from the local $store! I was so disappointed first, when they did not had any deep baking pans and cooling racks but then i discovered those white plastic bins and the plastic baskets and all snapped into place in my brain. Those white plastic bins are really flimsy, thin plastic. Filled with water they will likely twist when lifted, but that is ideal to cut out the opening with scissors. The baskets on the other hand are sturdy and i had to cut them with precision side-cutting pliers which i have in my electronics toolbox.
    • WannaBeHillBilly
      @happy duck Am i? I feel so unprepared! I haven't finished the Mother Hen Pad - mine will be more like a Duckling Heat Cave (DHC) and the kiddy-pool aka brooder is still outside on my work platform, out of reach for me limping guy. And the first ducklings will arrive next wednesday!!! :barnie:th
    • Magnolia Ducks
      I just got a call from Ideal and my ducks will be ready next wed! I just lost a week of prep time. I am picking up a drake from @Texag87 this weekend. I need to get busy.
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