4-26-2013 Black Australorp Chicks

Photo journal of my three Black Australorp chicks progression to adults.

DeesHens, Apr 26, 2013
    • myaussies
      My intro to raising chickens was a box of Australorp chicks from the feed store that someone never picked up after ordering, 2010, thanks for sharing yours with me :)
    • Jaxemae
      I have 5, 3 week olds and they are discovering their wings. Not a good thing for me because right now the "day play pen" is only 3' high. Any knowledge of clipping wings so my babies stay in safety of the fence and not fly out by accident? I don't have the resorses right yet to change my set up.
    • roseforever63
      I enjoyed seeing your girls. Ty 4 sharing
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