banty rooster and easter egger bantam

sylviecolin, Oct 24, 2015
    • sylviecolin
      these two are by far the most skiddish around people. they are fast but they are always together. My Miss Dolly was given to us with 2 brown chickens. She lays pink shelled eggs. she was so tiny when we got her. she hasnt been laying long, maybe a 2 weeks or so. and she also has begun to hide her eggs...
      Jacob was given to us by a friend. her chickens were all eaten by predators, only Jacob survived. he lost his beautiful green tail feathers and was so freaked out, that it took my friend a week to be able to finally catch him. he came here then he flew away.. after a clip, he settled in with our ladys. it has taken him a few weekes to be acepted by my girls, but he has recently found his voice and is the happiest rooster. he even came up close and almost ate from my hand the other day. we are working on
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