Coop Building Project

Went from approx 4x4 to a 6x8 structure. Project started in the winter of 2012, not sure of the completion date as I enjoy modifying it ;) I no longer have a backyard....

MeAndTheBoyz, Jan 2, 2013
    • Mo5C
      ok now I'm a tad jealous lol, the buff colored chick I gave you has gottten more coloring on her feathers, she looks so pretty.
    • Corona~Barb
      Looks good! Yes you need to find something with more property! We are moving to Idaho from So Cal in about months...between Parma and Fruitland.
    • MeAndTheBoyz
      Welcome :) Thanks for stopping by to see my ghetto project, lol.
    • Dello
      Your project may be ghetto compared to other, but seems very sufficient, thought through, and I bet the boys and chickens think it is pretty great. I like how you gave them large branches to roost on.
    • MeAndTheBoyz
      thanks :) I love watching the gang hop around on the branches. It took them awhile to get used to them but there are a few brave souls! my lil bantams love to hang out on their highest branch - makes em feel big, i guess, lol.
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