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First Chicks, 3 weeks

The girls are three weeks old and as a special treat they got crickets!

autumnhearth, Apr 29, 2014
    • mowremo
      What breeds are your chicks? Specifically the fifth photo...with the heater and foot?!!
    • autumnhearth
      The light yellow chick in the second, third and fourth pic is a Buff Orpington. The one in the fifth, sixth and seventh that you are curious about is a Buckeye, s/he was rehomed at 6 weeks, for being aggressive with his/her sisters, though they are usually a very docile breed. Eighth and ninth pic, the tall light girl starting to get ginger feathers, is our sex-link. The back to the Buff Orp, Buckeye, the brown one is our Easter Egger and the black one is a Black Copper Marans, Not pictured clearly is our Silver Grey Dorking, she's at the left side of the first pic. They are now 16 weeks old, I have albums from every week, I was just condensing them because I used to have them by the day.
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