Flora Vale Pallet Coop Construction

The in progress photos of our coop. Made of pallets, scrap wood, and a small amount of store bought. Located in the mountains of Western Maryland. Built very secure for predator defense, as we live in the midst of lots. We like all the birds and beasties of the wilds, and wouldn't blame them for wanting a chicken dinner, so we thought it best to make sure ahead of time.

Flora Vale Fowl, Apr 24, 2013
    • Eagleeyeice
      Ok, I'm way more than impressed, but seriously, you have a toilet in your chicken coop?
    • RainForestBird
      I love this, especially the color scheme, the window on the door and the ability to walk in and do whatever you have to do. Are the plans posted anywhere, or would you post them? I bet there would be a market for this on one of the online marketplaces. I'd buy them.
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