Heavy duty coop

Coop design based on different ideas I got here on BYC. It may be a little bit of over kill, but with hericanes and freaky wind storms I didn't want the girls blow out to OZ. dimensions are 16' by 6'6", hen house is 7'x6'6".

gimpylou, Apr 30, 2013
    • HillbillyHeart
      I'm really liking the concrete block footers. I was thinking of doing the same thing to keep critters from digging their way in. We don't have hurricanes here but we do have an overabundance of raccoon and coyotes.
    • gimpylou
      Under the blocks is wire lath run outside the coop underground about a foot to hamper digging predators. All corners have two bolts and one bolt in the middle of each long section. in addition to that a 4' x 3/8" rebar was driven into each filled block for extra support. we have raccoon's, coyotes, and fox around here so I wanted the extra protection.
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