My Girl's Eggs

Colored chicken eggs make me really happy. These pictures were taken in my kitchen with an iPhone. I have about 80 EE, FBCM, OE, Ameraucanas, Araucanas, Buff Orpingtons, Brahmas, Speckled Sussex, and Cuckoo Marans,

HeirloomEggs, Jan 9, 2015
    • HeirloomEggs
      Colored chicken eggs make me CRAZY HAPPY! If your girl's are laying pretty eggs too, please say hello. I hope to meet others on here who are as into egg colors as I am. paul
    • scflock
      That is truly stunning. Do you breed for the egg colors, or are you just lucky with the breeds you have?
    • HeirloomEggs
      I've been breeding 14 years, but just got serious about the colors about 18 months ago. I look for breeders and breeds based on egg color. In order to play with the patterns I need lots of girls laying specific colors. If I left the colors to chance, I wouldn't be able to.
    • Betsy57
      Pretty eggs. You take great pictures
    • cajunmudbugs
      What breed of chickens lay the pink and purple eggs? I love the pastel colors!
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