No Heat Lamp Brooder = Chicks Outside

This album cannot be started off by saying, none of this would have been possible if it had not been for another BYC member @ Blooie. She started a thread that show cased her version of a no heat lamp brooder. Similar to those expensive one's that will run you $60-100. She credits seeing a video online regarding one of these style DIY Brooder set up with no heat lamp. Regardless of all that, what is important is that she came here to BYC to share this brilliant concept not to mention a more natural system for rearing hatched chicks. Please check out the thread for all the how too's as well as the background information. There are lots of ways to vary your set up depending on materials you might already have around. Mine just so happens to be made from a Tomato Cage. Enjoy. After the initial run with the brooder, I added more chicken wire to the cage for added support. This worked for awhile but our gang is growing like weeds so this tomato cage was swapped out for q metal rack. Patrice Lopatin - the original inspiration for @Blooie and her desire to raise chicks more naturally. Check out her You Tube video... 04/6/16 - 4 and 5 day old chicks moved outside to run and heat pad brooder set up in a dog kennel. They also got a plug of grass. 04/15/15 - they are two weeks old now. 04/16/16 - snowed all day, chicks did fine. 04/17/16 - woke up to a lot of snow today, chicks doing well. Brooder temp was 75 this am. 04/18/16 - set up brooder I coop due to sagging hardware cloth in the run due to the weight of the snow and given the fact that the run was wet and has no roof and we will certainly have more storms this spring. 04/22/16 - THE CHICKS ARE THREE WEEKS OLD. Opened chicks side of coop and made smaller opening for them to access their food and brooder integration with the adult flock has gone well. 05/08/16 - heat pad was turned off three days ago and today, I broke down their brooder as they need to learn to roost soon and they were too big for the heat pad cave. 05/14/16 - they have begun roosting on the roosts in the coop at bedtime, they end up on the floor where their heat pad used to be, but they are starting to try and roost at bedtime, at week 6 and on their own. To follow this years chicks progress check out my Three Amigos photo album.

COChix, May 10, 2015
    • Blooie
      I was surprised to see this. Thank you so much for the credit, although it wasn't my idea in the first place. I just happened to be the one who put it all in one place. If it wasn't for people like you, willing to think "outside the brooder box", this wouldn't have taken off as it has.
    • COChix
      I understand it wasn't your idea but you posted it on here for a of us DIY'ers to see. Thank you!
    • ChickenLife
      I'm going to use this for my next set off chicks. I handle chicks up on a table so my face and hands on them all the time. So they are not afraid of me. I haven't liked the heat lamp thing at all, this fixes that problem. Thanks You Very Much!
    • harmesonfarm
      this is great!!
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