The Girls

A Bit Scrambled, Sep 24, 2013
    • Sam3 Abq
      Practicing my chicken-profiling (no I don't work for TSA).
      1. Speckeled Sussex.
      2. Australorp.
      3. Buff Orpington.
      4. Barred Plymouth Rock.
      Score ???
    • Sam3 Abq
      Yay! So how do you like such a varied flock ? I'm planning my 1st group of gals for spring 2014 and most of yours are in my wish list - here they are:
      1. Speckeled Sussex .
      2. Australorp .
      3. Barred Plymouth Rock.
      4. Rhode Island Red.
      5. Easter Egger.
      6. Golden Laced Wyandotte.
      7. Welsummer.
      Kind of predictable but we're going to call them the Spice-Girls .
    • A Bit Scrambled
      I was going for variety. I love seeing the different colors in the yard. They are walking garden art. I picked the breeds based on what I read regarding egg laying ability, heat and cold tolerance, and pet qualities (and looks). Each hen has such a different personality. The Austrlorp is head hen even though she is smallest and she started laying weeks before anyone else. She is noisy though! The Sussex is super sweet and quiet. She is bottom hen, but she is so smart it is scary. The Rock is the clown of the group. Second to start laying. She wants to be a house-chicken and if we leave the back door open we find her on the couch or upstairs on the desk. The BO is the friendliest. She will sit on your lap and lets us just carry her around. My son can't let her walk by without picking her up "because she is so FLUFFY!". She has bonded with the dog and they both chase the cat. You have a great selection there. I hope you enjoy your chickens as much as we do!
    • Sam3 Abq
      All of that is so great to hear ! Same reasons for us on our selections (egg laying, cold/heat, flightiness ). And yes, the idea of different "looks" in our backyard is going to be so much fun. We have a Westie and we're hoping he does ok with them - he's getting older so we'll see - they will be here to stay so he doesn't have much choice. Hope to see more pictures of yours - they are the closest flock to what we are wanting - thanks again for sharing.
    • Orp lover
      Wow that is one great group of birds. I know lots of people who would be proud to own such beutiful birds, including me!
    • A Bit Scrambled
      Thank you so much!
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