These are my first two pans. Really need to build something to keep them for me. I'm hoping to find something else to grow by the time I finish this 50lb bag of oats. For now the quacks are loving my efforts!
It seems you were really lucky with you oat seeds! Where did you buy them right away?
The first bag still doesn't grow at all, but fortunately the second does. They're kalmbach oats of some sort but didn't have a tag so i don't know specifically what they're called. They were about $18, I think.

It's been a learning experience, but I'm taking a few weeks break while I finish up a self study course for work and have a hatch currently in the works. When i try again, want to build one of those handy towers to facilitate drainage. :) Hopefully soon.
The best i could do was ~30% of germination rate, see here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/fodder-question.1346937/post-22182632
It may has something to do with the lower temperatures in my garage, i need between 17-19 days for my wheat fodder to be ready, with the last two days in our sunny guestroom to green-up.
I need to try oats again, and with the currently growing wheat production i will sneak in one or two oat bins soon. - Also have rye.
Have a look at my Fodder Table i am approaching the 1:4 factor between dry seeds and fodder, maybe it is the increasing length of the days?
I love the spreadsheets, btw!! Makes everything better! :)
The mold on the bottom happened on the 8th day after overwatering in a pan with no drainage.
Yeah, the bins need to have drainage to prevent all that mold growth. In my fodder tower system, the bins are slanted about 1 inch from the back to the front, and drain holes are drilled on the front side. That seems to allow the seeds to soak in the water they need for sprouting and/or growing grass, but the excess water drains off into the bin below. I try to water my bins twice a day, about 12 hours apart, which seems to work good to keep the bins moist, but not damp enough to promote mold growth.

And like I said, if you have a problem with mold, some people use a capful of bleach in the water which seems to kill the mold but allows the seeds to normally sprout and grow. I bought a gallon of bleach at the Dollar Tree and put in a capful every time I soak my barley seeds, just as a preventative. I might get a little mold every once in a while, but not enough to worry about. Fortunately, I have never lost a fodder bin to mold growth.

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