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  1. henmama6
    Actually her name is Betty. Had 2 many sissys so her name id Betty.
  2. henmama6
    Sweet girl is 4 and she gave me an egg yesterday.
  3. henmama6
    This sweet hen has lost her hubby. she avoids other Roos. poor girl was raised with her hubby. shes 4 yrs old and gave me an egg yesterday.
  4. Nats Chickens
    I have no idea. The guy just said they were RIWxLeghorn Sexlinks. Belle, one of the BSL's has a lot on her chest, Jewel has 'earrings', and Mini has flecking on her. You just can't see it in the pic.
  5. Better Than Rubies
    @Nats Chickens, oh, they're so pretty! My BSL has a whole lotta' brown on her, but yours look pretty much pure black. :love And I guess I didn't realize there were White Sex Links. Are they still...

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