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    It would be helpful for you to state how many days growth this oat bin is at. This is what my barley bins look like after about 3 days, but once...
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    Yikes! Can you post a picture of your drainage holes in the bins? Also, do you have your bins slanted down on one end (the end with drainage...
  • Our play area
    They've got plenty of room. They get fussy when I don't let them out . 😊
  • Oats.jpg
    @gtaus I'm still working it out, but this is one of the bins that gave me a really high germ rate. I shook it out and could find almost no seeds...
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    If you get a 95% germination rate for oats, please update this thread. That would be a fantastic result. And yes, if I could go from a germination...

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