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  1. cavemanrich
    She will always remain in your heart:hugs
  2. OkieSLW
    @Duckfarmer1 Nw PA! I'm originally from Sw PA . Pittsburgh! We got all kinds of critters out here from scorpion to Tarentum's. Out here they said you get a chicken before a dog lol.
  3. Texas Kiki
    @SJMike thank you. My hatch rates are actually fabulous. I highly recommend ordering some hatching eggs from Myshire Farm if you want to try raising quail again.
  4. SJMike
    Well done, nice looking bunch. How was your hatch rate? Only once did I try hatching out quail in an incubator (from some of my own eggs) and the hatch rate was really low compared to chicken...
  5. Duckfarmer1
    We just give our eggs away. We have 12 layers and 7 pulleys But we may put a sign at the road and a fridge at the garage. We have a farm and a long drive way and one garage down at the end

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