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  1. LeggyLeghorn
    maybe get her a new friend? a chick or pullet? or a young turkey friend? sad she is mourning the loss of her companion.
  2. Northern Flights
    Thanks again. It's been dismantled now and will not be used that way again. But it worked well even under 5 feet of snow.
  3. mixedUPturk
    @Trimurtisan thanks! Ya wanna eat it w me? My DH says No Way and im lookn for ways to trick the kids lol
  4. Anime2lover
    @bernie131 Dont have any mallards only ones we had are our pekins and muscovy drake in one pen, and our khakis kept inhis a seperate pen. I know hes a drake , and a very horny one at that. but...
  5. Northern Flights
    Спаси́бо. (Spaciba - aka muchas gracias amigo - thanks) I've made some changes and shall post the nudes shortly. And sorry for calling you shortly.

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