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  1. D-Bar-B
    It's an old hubcap...just something for them to play with. I have a few hanging on the fence in the yard too...they seem to like pecking at it and maybe seeing their reflection in it?
  2. LeggyLeghorn
    what is that hanging in the coop, looks as if attached to wire/mesh. can't tell from photo, curious:hmm
  3. D-Bar-B
    This one is store bought from TSC and says it’s good for 4-6 hens. My hubby built the new coop and it’s 6’ X 8’ (I think) and I wanted to be able to walk in it AND give them plenty of shade from...
  4. D-Bar-B
    @LeggyLeghorn thank you. We live in a small town but have a huge back yard, so we were able to section off the yard for the chickens and still have plenty of yard for the dog and humans in the family!
  5. LeggyLeghorn
    nice image.

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