Winter watering system for my ducks
Claires Poultry

Winter watering system for my ducks

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What is this set up? This will be my first winter with ducks. We don’t get a lot of freezing temps but some and want to be prepared! Thanks
@Justjack5 I use a 2 gallon bucket to water my ducks, and then I put the bucket inside of a deep tray (as pictured), so the majority of the water they spill gets caught in the tray and not on the ground. :)

2 gallon buckets are also easier to clean the ice out of and easier to clean in general than traditional waterers.

Another tip for raising ducks: use peat moss for their bedding. It's super absorbent, even more so than pine shavings. :)
@Justjack5 Yes, hay gets wet and soggy from messy ducks in the blink of an eye. Another nice thing about peat moss is that it's really easy to clean out of the coop - much easier than hay.

I do give my ducks food and water in their coop at night. My ducks usually have free choice food 24/7 - at least in the winter.

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