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    What to do with your eggs?

    Extra?! I wish.
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    Egg Song bothering neighbors

    That sucks. It would seem that metal would echo a lot more than wood. I have honestly never heard the egg song in spite of us having 3 laying hens. My girls are quiet I have never heard them in my front yard. If my windows are closed I can't hear them at all. If I happen to in the room next...
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    Hallelujah our first egg on Thanksgiving morning

    Woohoo! What great timing. I sure am thankful for my three hens laying eggs this fall. Those first eggs are so exciting. Actually it's pretty cool everyday.
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    Organic Egg Certification: Not Worth It

    Good luck building a new house without treated wood. Almost everyone I've seen post on here uses chemicals to worm their chickens I wonder if anyone tells the people they are selling their eggs to about. Not to mention I haven't seen organic chicken feed anywhere around here. Seems to me the...
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    Organic Egg Certification: Not Worth It

    Well can't untreated lumber draw termites to your home/coop? Sounds like they want to make it so hard to produce an organic food to force organic growers out of business if you ask me. Aren't they in the pocket of companies like Monsanto with their genetically modified food magic/poison?
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    Official Poll 2011 - Are Chickens Easier or Harder To Raise Than...

    I have 3 chickens, 2 cats and 1 small cat sized dog. I clean the chicken house daily, sand bedding with a cat litter cleaner and it takes less than 5 minutes, super easy. I think I spend more time cleaning out our 3 litter boxes once a week than I spend taking care of the chickens. The dog is...
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    How much does daylight affect egglaying

    I flip on our porch light around 6:30am when I let my hens out. So I wouldn't call that heavy duty lighting by any means. My Production Red and my Rhode Island Red have both stopped laying completely as of last week. I have no idea how to figure out what parallel I'm on. Since I live in...
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    Eggs waaayyy under porch. Will they stink?

    I'd offer one of my kids $10 to crawl under there and get them if you don't have kids I'd offer a friend's kid some money to do it.
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    roo "surfing" on hen

    I don't have a rooster so take this with a grain of salt but I thought I read on here that you shouldn't let roosters mount a hen when you are around because you are supposed to be the top of the pecking order or something like that and a rooster wouldn't try to mate in front of the head...
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    This may sound very stupid.......

    Sure why not. Lots of birds mate for life it seems completely likely that chickens would too. Who know how they would behave out in the wild without our interference. While the following article doesn't mention this I have heard over and over that Mourning Doves mate for life...
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    Funny birds!

    My Rhode Island Red is my best layer since she first laid. Then my Production Red took another two weeks after the RIR to get going and that surprised me. Even my Silver Lace Wyandotte laid before the Production Red. Now that we are getting into winter with less light my RIR and SLW are still...
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    Porch light - Enough light to trick my girls?

    I think our back porch is enough. I'm not aggressive about the light I just turn on our back porch light at 6:30 when I get up. I let my girls out at the same time. They are usually awake in their coop anyway. I'm not real formal about it or anything I don't know how many hours that is and I...
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    What Time of day do they "usually" lay there eggs?

    My girls are out at the crack of dawn. One of them usually lays an egg by 9:30 (but if i factor in daylight savings time that would be 8:30) the other two I usually have another egg by noon and the last one by 2:30 or 3pm. They always go back into the coop to lay their eggs they won't use our...
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    golf balls? really?

    I used golf balls they are still in my nest area in fact, my pullets have never laid an egg in there. Whatever. I clean the coop in the morning (I use sand instead of bedding) then when they lay their eggs on the ground where they sleep (instead of on the roost!) it's nice and clean...stupid...
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    layer pellets vs. layer crumbles

    I recently switched from crumbles to pellets. I wanted to use Purina's new brand that has the Omega 3 in it and pellets were the only option. I didn't notice any difference to my 3 hens. They eat it they haven't reacted adversely to it that I've seen. They seem quite happy when I bring the...
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