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    Fashion tips needed: please help! THAT is what you need for that skirt. seriously! you have awesome arms, flaunt them!
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    Quote: i see that making fun of foreigners hasn't not many foreigners would find that funny.
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    I have a child who rides the short bus every week but i personally find nothing wrong with what she said. in fact, we joke about it all the time, when he forgets to do his chores..ill say "wow, good thing you ride the short bus, chris!"
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    Does anybody mind me sharing my wedding photos?

    wow, your husband looks like one of the "sisters" from shawshank redemption! *also drake from the movie aliens* same guy!
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    The new (human) baby thread...

    francis LOVES that yobaby stuff..but its pretty pricey so i just give him regular yoghurt.
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    want to trade 5 hens for 1 bantam in oklahoma

    hey all i need to trade my 5 pullets/hens who will be laying any day now for 1 bantam chicken..preferably a silkie or serama. thanks!!! my girls are 2 reds, 2 blacks, and an easter egger.
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    s this truly creepy??

    i didnt read the replies but yes its very says minitru at the bottom, a nod to george orwells novel, 1984. *sorry if someone already said this*
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    5 pullets 6 months old

    hey everyone, i have 5 pretty pullets that are on the verge of laying that i must rehome in 48 hours..they are very healthy and have been kept in a run. one is missing a few feathers from a possum attack, but she wasnt hurt in any way. two of them are red, two are black, and 1 is an easter...
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    The new (human) baby thread...

    i was thinking that too, that he looks a lot older!
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    Is it Wrong to have a "Crush" on Someone if You Are Married?

    fireproof should be banned...anything with kirk cameron should be censored immediately.
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    Is it Wrong to have a "Crush" on Someone if You Are Married?

    you are perfectly normal to feel this way..i will be brave and admit to having these thoughts from time to time...and it was usually because i was unhappy with a bigger issue..of course i dealt with it and all was well, but dont beat yourself up over it, you are just trying to cope with a...
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    FREE TO GOOD HOME plus shipping: male button quail ($35 S&H or P/U)

    ohhh i wish you were in oklahoma, i would take one for my lonely parakeet boy
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    what woke us up at 4 in the morning. *GRAPHIC PIC!*

    well, it was bagged up with my chicken and thrown away so we cant test for it, but my husband said he was wondering about that..i dont know, i just wish we couldve killed it faster, i dont want anything to suffer, even a nasty old opossum.
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    what woke us up at 4 in the morning. *GRAPHIC PIC!*

    oh no, the blood was from my husband bashing its head in with a sledgehammer. oh well, at least its dead!!
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    pipe bomb at the school this morning wasnt a bomb at all, it was a piece of pipe! so thankful but i do have to wonder..i am in sapulpa. a couple years ago, they evacuated everyone because of a "school shooting" and come to find out 2 guys were shooting a trash can with a pellet gun and it grazed someones arm that was...
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