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    Fainting goats....what should I be feeding them?

    I feed mine all grain. In the summer I don't usually feed the buck and wether grain but I do the doe. Usually because she is bouncing back from nursing. Or like right now she is nursing. In the summer when there is grass I don't feed hay at all. My buck and doe are fainters by the way. The...
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    The Kids are here!

    Quote: They are for sale! LOL I really want to keep them together at all possible. Hopefully I can find them a home somewhere that I can get updates on them.
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    The Kids are here!

    Quote: I suppose I should have put that part in the first post. They are fainters. Purebred. Laila is double registered MGR and IFGA. Gus is only MGR for now. So kids will be MGR.
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    The Kids are here!

    So this year I finally came up with a farm name for myself. Fainting Feather Farms. So anyhow I had my first kids that will be registered under my name born wednesday. Heres some pics! mom Laila is the black and white one. papa Gus This is the little boy. He has brown eyes. Thinking...
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    Kitty has a death wish...

    My mom sets up tables in her garage for her tomatos to sit on and ripen. Well their cats thinks its funny to smack them off the table and watch them splat. Keep in mind she doesn't do this all them time. Like if shes alone in the garage she won't. But them minute someone is out there to get...
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    Neighbors Problem Bull (Long Rant, Advice Requested)

    Quote: come get your steer!
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    Beware BLUE GREEN Algea

    Quote: I don't think you have to worry in a river. I could be wrong though. Few years back a friend of mines little boy got really sick from playin in a lake that was having have blue green algae issues. Thats why I am nervous about taking my dogs to the lake at all
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    Goat question

    When I got my buck he was in a dirt pen getting hay and grain. Didn't think much of it when I turned him loose in out pasture. Well long story short he got the runs really bad. I had to bath him for a few days. Ended up weaning him into the pasture. Few hours an evening for a week or two...
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    Any suggestions for shipping a dog??

    Quote: No. Dogs and cats must be quarantined going into Hawaii because it is a rabies-free island. Since we have rabies here on the mainland there is no reason to quarantine. Wow...thats interesting. I did not know that. Learn something new everyday!
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    Peachick Identification--PICS

    Quote: Well I hope your right about the sexes! LOL That would be the way I'd want it to work out. I will keep you posted and take pics of them at 2 weeks old for ya also
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    Peachick Identification--PICS

    Ok. So here are the 3 peas I hatched this last week. I assume they are pretty self explanatory. But if they are actually some other color or split can someone chime in? I'm tryin to get all of this but its alot to take in and understand. First one here came out of an egg marked BK which I...
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    Goats in public

    Billy got his picture taken with santa. LOL
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    Hatching Question

    Quote: Thanks. I guess I will wait it out. I was really excited for this one. Its supposed to be a pied.
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