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May 4, 2018
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Redland Bay, Queensland, Austraia


In the Brooder, Female, from Redland Bay, Queensland, Austraia

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May 4, 2018
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    Redland Bay, Queensland, Austraia
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    What’s your main reason for joining our community?:
    I was adopted by a chicken that randomly started living under my house. My knowledge of chickens is limited to standing in the odd poop while growing up.
    Who cares about me? Here's info on Miss Daisy:

    Daisy lays an egg approximately every 26 hours. As I am a vegan, that's not very helpful, Daisy, but at least it means you're healthy! We're also going to ignore the fact that our neighbour is allergic to eggs and my Dad is an hour and a half away by car. We'll find someone who eats them.

    Daisy Sleeps:
    Under our house. A chicken coop is imminent, but it was too big an investment for a surprise!chicken that could have potentially found her way back from whence she came. Once we have the coop, we will integrate some chickens into Daisy's social life. Daisy currently lays her eggs in an impromptu cardboard nest box lined with dried bamboo leaves. Why bamboo leaves? Because we have 20ft bamboo next to our house, and that stuff sheds and gets everywhere - it's likely what she was nesting in under our house.

    Daisy Eats:

    Watson & Williams 16 Percent Layer Crumble
    Peckish Free Range Layer Mix

    Daisy Treats:
    Frozen corn
    Peters Wormies
    Stale bread (lightly wet with water)
    Cat food (a very rare treat, fed in very tiny quantities)

    Daisy Dislikes:
    Watson & Williams Budget Layer Pellets (unless soaked in water for half an hour first)

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