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    Comment by 'AuroraRouge' in article 'Julies Hen House'

    What a great coop. Love the chicken portraits, too!
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    Modify this playhouse for a cute coop?

    When we were looking for a coop, my first thought was to find a playhouse or shed to convert into a chicken domicile. We ended up getting a smashing deal on a pre-built coop, but if anyone else wants to try a playhouse-conversion, this one might be a good choice...
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    Suspected Roos - Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red

    Le sigh. I knew we were just kidding ourselves! Unless anyone in the SLO area is looking for a couple of loud pets, looks like these two are headed to freezer camp.
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    Suspected Roos - Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red

    We've been in rooster denial for a few weeks, but it's looking more and more like our Rock and RIR are dudes. Luckily, our local chick provider has an exchange policy, and we're thinking about taking the probable boys over to his farm this weekend. Does anyone think we still have a chance for...
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    Egg dishes--crepes,deviled eggs,custard,soufles,omelets,and ...How many ways can you eat eggs?

    I like to keep hard boiled eggs on hand for tossing into salads, sandwiches, etc. You can even do them in the oven, if you're doing a lot at one time. If you like poached eggs, here's an easy method for slow-poaching...
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    Hard water affects taste of eggs?

    Interesting. Well water is a first for me, so I'm probably over-thinking things. The hens certainly didn't seem to mind when I gave them water straight from the hose today, so I think that's what they'll be getting in the future. Thanks for the input!
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    Hard water affects taste of eggs?

    We're on well water here at the Bersbach Bungalow, and when we had it tested, the Culligan man said "Wow, you folks have some really funky water!" Although the well water is fine to drink (ie, it's not going to kill us) it tastes just horrible. It tested at 80 ppm, too hard to be corrected with...
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