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    My rabbit just had babies. What should I be feeding the Mom

    Unlimited Pellets and hay. You can feed her fresh fruits and vegis until the babies come out of the nest box and start poking around the food. Once the babies are eating keep them away from the fresh stuff. You can still hand feed it to her as long as you're sure the babies don't get any.
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    Help!! 4 week old rabbits are dying!!

    I am a somewhat experienced rabbit breeder having been breeding them for 2 1/2 years. First of all there is no need to bleach their cage daily unless you are experiencing a problem. (I only do so before a new litter) At this point you definitely should disinfect but don't feel bad that it is...
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    Dropped chick

    One of mine flew straight out of the shipping box (when I first opened it) onto my 4 year old daughter's head and then fell to the floor. She was happily eating and drinking in the brooder a few minutes later. She suffered no ill effects from her adventure. My four year old on the other hand was...
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    Official BYC Poll: How Many Chickens Do You Have + How Many Chickens On BYC?

    2 White Leghorns 2 Brown Leghorns 3 "Golden Buffs" +7 =11795
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    Is Aspen Bedding Okay for Baby Chicks?

    I use aspen for baby chicks and rabbits. It is the best for delicate young respiratory systems. I transition to pine for the chicks after a few weeks.
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    My latest quail coop build

    I'm also interested in plans/instructions. I'm thinking of getting some quail in the spring.
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    What religion do you belong to?

    Orthodox Jew I think I'm the only one here lol
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    Nipple Waterer

    My four one week olds figured it out within a minute. They are so curious they'll peck at anything, and the shiny metal thing is a real draw lol. Of course as soon as one got it they all ran to see what was going on .
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    Rabbit people - how often do you breed your doe?

    I'm new at rabbit breeding but I bred mine about the same time I weaned the first litter... when the kits were 7 weeks old. I do plan to wait until it cools down a bit to breed her again. Maybe at the end of September and then I will probably wait until early spring to breed again. So I guess...
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    Have you ever had an type of animal you just did NOT like?

    Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like dogs Also not a fan of insects as pets:sick ... Though I did have a pet ant as a kid (for two days)... My mother didn't let me have ANY pets and I was desperate
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    Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring Install

    I used "liquid nails" just sort of sqirted all over in a pattern and nails at the edges (this was for a floor for a rabbit hutch)
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    Here is the coop! Finished! Now for the run..... ;) (PICS)

    very nice! Why the two types of wire one on top of the other?
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    coop stress: will this work for 4?

    Quote: Chiming in here even though I don't have a coop yet either (or my chickens yet either lol) but I would definitely steer you away from anything that is the "ware" brand name. The rabbit hutch I purchased from them only a few months ago has completely fallen apart and their customer...
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    Ugly Babies?

    This brings up a question I have been wondering about. How can I be sure the breeds I get are what I order? Especially as I know nothing about chickens at this point besides for what I've read (though I've read a lot)
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