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    Quails food

    Any suggestions on Quail food? Im planning on hatching Quails in a little while when it gets warmer, but I’m having trouble choosing food. Also what should I feed the Quails when they are chicks? Thanks!
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    Broken incubator

    Today is day 2, I put them in a bin with a bowl of water and a heating pad to keep them warm.
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    Broken incubator

    I have a batch of eggs in an incubator, but the incubator actually broke. I have a new one coming tomorrow. I have them on a heating pad at a low tempiture at the moment is that all I should do to keep them warm or is there anything else I can do?
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    Will egg survive if it was underwater?

    So I was walking around a pond that I usually walk by to visit some ducks that live there. There’s about 17 ducks there. I noticed an egg in the water near the shore so I grabbed it. It’s probbably been in the water for a couple hours maybe? The egg was cold but not frozen and there was no...
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