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    Sexing chicks 3 girls I hope🤞

    Pic #2 looks like a pullet, we need pics of the others.
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    how many Eggs you get today

    17 eggs out of 20 hens with one molting. :woot
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    Anyone know what these chicks are?

    If they had yellow legs i would say Gold laced Wyandotte, but they aren't, possibly a Sebright.
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    Winter weather preparations?

    It really all depends on the chicken, one of my flocks loves the snow, one flock dosen't really.
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    No eggs for a week from a consistent layer

    Both of these are possible and even likley. Over the winter it is common to have a hen slow down or stop completely. Is she showing any signs of molting?
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    sick chicken with swollen abdomen. need help!

    Ascites. @Wyorp Rock might be able to help with a treatment.
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    In my experience Ostrich (yes, I said ostrich) is the best jerky ever. Expensive, but AMAZING.
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    3 1/2 year old hen has trouble standing...

    Have you checked the bottoms of her feet for bumblefoot? A Brahma is a big breed and she could have hurt herself coming down from the roost.
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    New additions

    Are they hens or drakes? I don't know how long you have had them but keep them separated for at least two weeks to make sure they don't transfer anything. I would put them in "see but don't touch" pens so they can learn of the others existence. I usually let them free range together for a bit...
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    Unusually small egg

    What breeds do you have? A small egg is normal every once in a while.
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    Chick Frustration! Whats My Next Step?

    As far as i know that will do nothing unless her living room is reaaaaly warm. We need pics to tell what is wrong because as MGG posted chickens don't get angel wing.
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    DE will not kill mites, You need to use something like permetherin. you can find it at any feed store. Do a thorough clean of the coop and roosts to get rid of any others.
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    Have you ever had hens kill each other?

    I've never had a fight to the death but probably would've had one without intervention. That was with roosters though, but i think it would be possible with hens. Another thing to think of is that sick hens will get beat up on, even to death.
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    Looking for a rooster

    I would lock them up if possible so the hawks cant get to them at all, depending on how bold your hawks are you could do something as simple as a coat scarecrow to deter them.
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