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    What kind of comb is this???

    Could I see a picture of the whole bird ? And this does not apply to all chicken breeds but usually you can tell what egg color a chicken will lay by its ear lobes
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    D'uccle Thread

    anyone have double splash duccles ? i think i just lost one of mine to a hawk tonight very ****** off the one day i let them out there pen for some free time i lose one havent had much luck with them brooding themselves so im gonna do a big hatch soon hope to get some good blue and black...
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    Rabbits raised on "forage?"

    this is what Whitmore farm did there very smart when it comes to letting there animals range they also somtimes fed garden scraps if you wanna learn more about them check out there site
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    Closest "homemade" cross to CornishX ?

    Ericas right i have seen bantam cornishes there very solid birds and i know of one person who used them for a duel purpose cross but cannot remember the name of them lol sorry i will try to remember
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    Brahmas?? Anyone USING them as a dual-purpose?

    heres a breeder i like never had any of his birds but they sound useful how he describes them, maybe somone who has had his birds can chime in
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    Delicate Question About Culling A Goose..

    ive seen this done on a rabbit and have heard of it being done to geese this seems like it could be a really good method for geese amd hello miss Lyda its been awhile Quote: That is how my husband does the chickens...
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    Best way to cull a chick???

    if i need to cull a chick i usually use very sharp scissors and cut the head off but only if i truely have to i dont like culling chicks
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    Online CRAZY EGG CHAIN lets play

    jeb you diddint you can take shellys eggs and offer yours if you like Quote:
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    chick with messed up legs !!!!!!

    i had a friend i was going to sell it to that just wants a pet i have EE hen with kind of messed up feet the person i bought it from told me it was accident that her feet got messed up i guess they were wrong thank you for the links Quote:
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    chick with messed up legs !!!!!!

    hello this may be a emergency i have heard if its not fixed soon it can get bad the chick hatched and it is all dryed up now not wet and its walking on its elbows not its feet please help ! thank you
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    50% English Orpington Eggs

    since its 50 percent does that mean that the other half is american orp ? a little confused sorry
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    How to cook banties?

    i could be wrong but its possible you could do the same recipies as people do on pigeon and quail ? you can look them up on
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    I Caponized! ***Graphic Pics*** Not For Faint of Heart.

    the person who made this thread did it at 4 weeks ive hered of it done when there olderer also Quote: I'm pretty sure this has to be done by 4 weeks old for it to work. For the most part you should be able to tell the sexes apart by 2 to 3 weeks. I've had some of my Marans roo start to...
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