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    silkied ameraucana breeders?

    Im looking for some breeders of the BBS silkied ameraucanas i would like to buy chicks, juvs, or adults asap they must be green egg layers
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    Pam Hamilton and her cochins

    Im really missing my friend pam Hamilton right now. I dont know how many of you knew her outside of the show world but she was truly an amamazing person....
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    LF and bantam brahmas

    Who are the best breeders of LF and bantam light brahmas? And LF buff brahmas? Any good breeders? Anyone? Thanks!
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    Buff Laced Polish BANTAM thread

    Let's see some buff laced polish bantams! I want to see bantams only though! Frizzled or smooth!
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    pink silkies

    I'm thinking they are probably more orangish pink lol
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    pink silkies

    Well I'm trying to get her contact info and I'm going to see if I can get some
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    pink silkies

    Quote: I will! dean talked forever on her stock so I'm sure they are good (he is VERY critical when it comes to birds) but yes I want to see what they look like, I may get some they would be neat as like an "easter" chicken present.
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    pink silkies

    I just got an email from my friend who judges here in missouri and he was telling that he knew of a lady who was working on PINK silkies here's what he said: Anyway I know the where abouts of a lady who has a lot of rare and unusual colors of Silkies and I am sure you could probably talk her...
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    Young bantam Columbian Cochin pair

    I just.... Uhhhhhh This fall ill have sumatras and porcelain silkies and I'm starting my mille fleur silkie project... I guess some more cochins wouldn't hurt....
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    looking for buff laced bantam polish

    I am looking for show quality buff laced bantam polish. 2 pairs are needed. I am ateending nationals this year and that would be my prefered location of picking them up. Thanks! -Alan
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    mille fleur silkies

    Quote: Well, he had completely sold out--if he has birds now, he's re-acquired them since I last spoke with him a couple of months ago. I would truly be happy if he is back into breeding. I think if he does have them he isn't breeding persay, but he is just not letting go of his hobby...
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    mille fleur silkies

    Quote: Hello hahah new to byc? Oh duh now I see
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    mille fleur silkies

    I have done that before. But I think the fastest way would be AI. I am going to be doing it on sahowbirds anyways... Y now the project birds?
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    Polish experts! help !that kind is this chick? (PICS)

    (it didn't) Did this work? Lol I haven't used my blackberry for this before really... Haaha its sposed to be a pic of polish chicks that are silver from cackle.. Just go online to cackle hatchery and look at the chicks, see what one matches yours!
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    Young bantam Columbian Cochin pair

    "And rub it in rub it in" I seen them on the website, and now... I really want these...
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