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    Cornish X with back lesions.........(semi-graphic)

    Quote: Never thought of them scratching each other. I bet your right. I'll modify my feeder setup tomorrow and see if things improve. Thanks for the idea.
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    What kind of knife?

    I like this one for killing......... It has a decent length and feels good in the hand. I have a couple of these for eviscerating. The smaller blade makes it easier to handle the more delicate parts of cleaning...
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    Cornish X with back lesions.........(semi-graphic)

    I haven't seen this before. It appears to begin with one of the veins on their backs turning dark and progresses to an open sore and finally scabs over. They are six weeks old and seem to be putting on weight well and act normal. About half of the birds are exhibiting these lesions in...
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    Plasson bell drinker.

    These work really well if plumbed through the bottom of a bucket. All you need is a hose barb and clamp to get it set up.
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    ordered meaties..... HELP

    Quote: Typing at the same time. My reply was a little late.....
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    ordered meaties..... HELP

    You are going to need something closer to 9 X 12 for 50 birds. As the previous poster suggested, I would call the hatchery and postpone at least until the first batch are six weeks old. They will be in the brooder for a couple of weeks and won't need to share housing. You will also have to...
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    OMG - I am NEVER eating chicken nuggets again! Watch this video...

    At least that part is identifiable.
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    Posting in "text"

    Quote: Exactly. Before long we will just be communicating with a series of grunts and hand gestures. So much for evolution.
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    Posting in "text"

    My point exactly. An occasional lol is tolerable, but when you have to sit and decipher what the poster is trying to say it gets a little annoying. I have a secretary at my work that sends emails in "text" format. Not only is it unprofessional, it seems childish. What I truly don't get is...
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    Posting in "text"

    Am I the only one that HATES this? Please stop.
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    Here's frugal's post:
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    home winemaking easy and fun

    Quote: I should have some usable mother here in a couple of weeks. PM me if you are interested.
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    Help! Electronically Challenged. Wiring light to thermostat...

    Page 16 shows diagrams for 240 and 120 volt thermostats. Your lamp kit will be used in place of the element.
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    fertility ???

    Quote: Ha, beat me to it. OP check out the stickies at the top of the forum. Most if not all of your question will be answered there.
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    WARNING on DE!!!

    Quote: Right. The crystalline silica is the bad player. "The type of hazard posed by inhalation depends on the form of the silica. Crystalline silica poses a serious inhalation hazard because it can cause silicosis. Amorphous silica can cause dusty lungs, but does not carry the same degree...
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