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    HELP nothing is hatching

    I uped the humidity on day 17. I thought it was day 18 but after reading realized since I set them on the 1st day one was really the 2nd making day 18 the 19th. :/
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    HELP nothing is hatching

    Hi everyone, so I'm on my first hatch using a incubator. Today is day 22 and nothing.. I candled the Silkie eggs at day 18 and 3 out of 5 were alive and kicking. My other eggs are Marans which have been too dark to see anything other than the air on the large side. My temp has been a steady 100...
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    Marans Thread - breed discussion & pictures are welcome!

    Hi everyone! I have a young blue copper Marans rooster I would like opinions on. I think he's beautiful but I'm new to this. Can anyone post pictures for me if I email them to you? I'm on a iPad and it won't let me upload photos. Thanks!
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    Mid January Hatch thread....

    I have 12 French black/blue copper Marans eggs and 7 Silies eggs in my incubator due to hatch jan 21st. This is my first go at incubating!! I'm so excited! I candle the Silkie eggs every night and they are all looking great but the BCM eggs are too dark I also have a great Silkie Brodie hen...
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    Sick chicks/hens

    So I bought some new chicks a week ago. After having them home for a few days I noticed they were sick. Now all my chicks and hens are sick. They have yellow stuff comming out of their nose and goopy eyes. What could this be and how do I treat it? They are all still eating, drinking and running...
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    Silkie colors

    The only other Rooster I have is a huge BLRW Roo and there is no chance he bred the Silkie hen. My Silkie Roo is the boss and chases the BLRW Roo all over the yard. We watch our chickens alot of Ive never even seen the BLRW Roo with in 20 feet of the Silkie hen. I also dont have any other banty...
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    Silkie colors

    Is it normal for a black silkie crossed on a black silkie to produce other colors?
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    Silkie colors

    Hi everyon I have a black Silkie hen and a black Silkie rooster. One of my Wheaten Marans hens went broody so I decided to let her hatch some of the Silkie eggs. I now have 6 adorable Silkie chicks. Heres the catch... I have no idea what color they are. Three are black but two look like brown...
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    BCM chicks Blue/Splash /Black

    Hi, What age, sex and colors do you have left? I am very interested but live in San Diego and might not be able to make it up there till Friday. Prices?
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    HELP my chickens are sick

    In the past two weeks I have had two hens die. One had a hurt leg the month before that had been healing. Im not sure how she hurt it but for a few weeks she wouldnt use it at all. I did notice two scabs on her foot but they seemed to be healing. Last week she seemed to be doing really well. I...
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    Just Got an Aussie pup with hope of it gaurding the poultry!

    Chick~N~Family : We bought an Australian Shepherd with the intention of training it to guard the chicken coop at night. She is Beautiful!! We have her out front under the carport, which she wont leave unless i am with her:) I have been taking her down to the 4 acre backyard in the a.m. to...
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    Help with breed/sex? Pictures!

    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy : 1 Looking rooish, but it's hard to tell! 2 Roo 3 hen 4 hen 5 roo 6 hen 7 roo 8 hen 9 hen 10 hen 11 hen Thanks!!
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    Help with breed/sex? Pictures!

    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy : 1 Looking rooish, but it's hard to tell! 2 Roo 3 hen 4 hen 5 roo 6 hen 7 roo 8 hen 9 hen 10 hen 11 hen Thanks!!!
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    Help with breed/sex? Pictures!

    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy : I think it maybe a little too early to tell. Very nice looking birds, though! Your silkie is super cute! I think she's a hen! Thanks!! Shes not very friendly tho
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