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    Possible Mycoplasma in flock?

    I will post a picture once the bubbles return. They go away after the application of the terramycin. Thank you for the link. My intention was to introduce the chicks to our adult hen when they are big enough. Is that not recommended even after treatment?
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    Possible Mycoplasma in flock?

    A few weeks ago I noticed my 8 week old (roughly) Silkie chick had a swollen eye. Thought it might be a pecking injury. Then I noticed one of my road island red chicks, around the same age, started sneezing. Couple of days later I noticed bubbles in the silkies eye. I have been treating her with...
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    Sick Silkie?

    A few days after I got my new silkie chick, around 6 weeks old?, she started having bloody droppings. Not regularly, but it wasn't cecal droppings neither. I started Corid 9.6%, ended my 5 day treatment yesterday. Her droppings are not bloody anymore, but yesterday evening I noticed her breast...
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