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    Pheasant Eggs 10 plus any extras

    Auction for 10+ ringneck pheasant hatching eggs. Picked up yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
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    Cell phone & International calling question

    He has an American cell phone. I just need to talk to him asap and don't know where he is staying either. I will try to call when it gets 5 am there. Otherwise, I guess I will have to wait until he comes home.
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    Cell phone & International calling question

    I have a friend that is in Seoul Korea right now. Can I call his cell phone and get through? Do I need to use codes of any kind?? Or can this even be done at all?
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    Horses: Why do you love 'em?

    They are just part of my soul like mentioned. Being one with a horse is a great experience. When you two are just in sync and can communicate freely. I love it! My husband always tells me that I "live and breathe horses".
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    What would you do . . .

    As a matter of fact I popped my 5 yr old daughter in the mouth a couple days ago for calling me a b**h*le. Some new language she has suddenly come up with when she is mad. I am not in for it one lick. I will wash that mouth out with soap and if I don't have any soap I will pop your little mouth...
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    wierdest breakfast you have had?

    I am not a breakfast person at all. I get sick if I eat before 10. I am not big on breakfast food either. I will eat anything for breakfast though(after 10). My husband really loves it when I break out the leftover chinese food for breakfast! LOL I think that makes him sick to watch me eat it...
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    whats the best type of meatie ?

    I am so partial to the cornish game hens. I really like those but all other chickens are good to me. I usually eat RIR, BO and BRs because that is what we have the most of. The extra free ranged roosters and hens are very good eating. I prefer to eat hens though.
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    Do you worry about biosecurity with wild birds?

    I don't. I am not a worry wart either though. I have owned chickens my whole life since I was born. I have had over 50 chickens for the past 8 or 9 years here. I have bird feeders, baths and bird houses everywhere on my property. I love wild birds too. I go to lots of other places where chickens...
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    Anyone else just now starting to "line dry" their clothes outside?

    Oh yes. I have been hanging clothes out for a couple months now. I love fresh sun dried clothes and linens!
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    What do you drive?

    I am a Ford girl too I have a grey 4 door 2005 Ford F150 4x4 I love it!!!!
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    Do you guys open doors for girls?

    My husband has always opend doors for me. Even the car door. Men are always holding and opening the doors for me in stores and such. Maybe because I am in the South. It is common here. I always say "thanks" as well.
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    12 year old divorces husband..

    I agree with Chicken Lady on her post. It used to be very common for young girls to marry. My MIL was married to my FIL at 14 years old. Had my husband when she was 19 and they are still married. Almost 30 years together.
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    What's your favorite word?

    insane I use that word alot.
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    Should I cull this chick? CROOKED BEAK (pics)

    I am so sorry! Hard decision but I would cull
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    Stolen Horse--Man is BACK in jail!

    Quote: Sorry about your situation! That is just crazy. I agree with this poster. I have seen lots of times where even dogs aren't returned but they will grant you the monetary value of the animal.
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