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    Head Injury

    She can walk and stretch her neck. Idk if that helps any.
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    Head Injury

    Correction-I don't think I can cull a chicken. I couldn't cut on the frog in biology class, and it was already dead, and I didn't raise it from day two. I don't think I see skull, but I really don't know.
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    Head Injury

    What I'm really worried about is internal organs. Is it even possible for the chickens to peck to them? I know I see her ear (the white thing on the bottom), but is that the cartilage or what?
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    Backlog on the nest

    Quote: Get rid of the new eggs immediately! I have lots of experience with crushing half-formed chick eggs because mom abandoned the nest when I moved her. (horrible chickens. Never going broody with them again) Almost all the eggs were at different stages because the other chickens laid on...
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    Head Injury

    My chicken was trapped and got a head injury. The other chickens picked at it, and it got very bloody and bald. I removed her and she was healing. Then, she accidentally got back in with the other chickens, and now it's bigger and I don't know what to do. I separated her again, but I don't...
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    Are those saddle feathers?

    I have a 13 week old EE/Buff Orp mix right now. (Tell-tell signs from the beginning, just waiting for him to crow.) I don't remember my three previous EE roos at 9 weeks, but baby boy started getting his daddy's gray tail feathers a couple weeks ago. If you have others that looked like it...
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    broody hen? what are the signs

    She raises her neck feathers if you stick your hand in the box and tries to bite your fingers off. (I recommend heavy duty gloves when dealing with her if you must.) If you take her off the nest, for some reason, she'll immediately lay down like she still has eggs (I've only done this at night...
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    Help Please!?

    By now you should have heard crowing practice, and if you spend about a little time outside with them while they are awake, you'll see any roos you have attempt to fertilize eggs. Roos also have much bigger combs. Since you have at least one roo, crowing practice gets confusing since they are...
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    How long between broodies' batches?

    I am experienced with one broody hen, but this second one really threw me for a loop. I had one hen (Australorp) go broody last weekend, with 16(! thankfully they won't all hatch) eggs. Another Aussie went broody today. I know that two broodies may or may not kill/steal the other's chicks...
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    Red Butts

    Do they mind? Do you have a roo? Mine are doing that too.
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    Frizzle Hen Slowly and Mysteriously Losing Feathers, NOT MOLTING

    Mine are doing that, too. Only, four of them are doing it. Two in the shoulder areas and back. Two on the back, and it looks really bad. I blamed it on Jamie, but would he really get two by four square inches on the tail back area? It has stubs growing, but they don't mature.
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    Hatchery Recommendations?

    I ordered from One died in coming, and one died on the first night out, though I can possibly blame that on older chickens. They are really cheap. I only had one mis-sexed, but you have to expect that. In fact, he is my only roo now (there were two others ordered on straight run).
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    Is this true?

    Really, you do. The poop must be awful, but your comfort in cleaning isn't the only thing; if you got any roosters ( and you probobly have some), they are going to gently peck and mess with each other in a normal space requirement. Confinement, can't go too well. Get a bigger area, or move...
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    Mean Roosters!

    I had three, and one attacked me. Went out with a tennis racquet and wacked him. He went after my brother; he got wacked again. He didn't attack again, but we did get rid of him, just in case, to someone who knew how to handle it.
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    Broody Not Getting Off

    Yes, it has been only three days, but so far, I've only seen something that might not have been poop, and she hopped right back on her nest when she figured out where she was again. I have to admire her dedication, but I can't have Buffy, a big favorite, be counter-productive doing what her...
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