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    Pecking order question

    I have to agree with Dutchess (Hey there neighbor!) about diseases. I understand that is not your current problem, but you would not want to accidently introduce a disease. As for the overly mean hens, seperating the most aggressive hen for a week may help break the pattern. When that hen is...
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    Dummy egg or golf ball etc.

    Quote: I would have loved to seen that on video. What a project for a determined chicken!
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    Strange poop. Evidence that we are close to laying? Maybe?

    Quote: Yep. I'm familiar with it. Looked a lot like shed lining. That's why I posted here and not in the ER forums. The thought that it might be cocci definitely took me by surprise. I have referenced and study the poop chart more than I would like to admit!! Who would have thought I would...
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    Barred Rock Eggs

    Quote: From what I hear, the whole coloring of brown eggs can wash off. It is a coating that the hen puts on the egg as the last step of the process. Wash hard enough and the brown will be removed, and the outside of the shell will be the same color as the inside. I think our speckles are...
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    Strange poop. Evidence that we are close to laying? Maybe?

    I stumbled across a dropping just like that a few days ago....on the roof of the coop, where a few of the girls like to hang out. My pullets are also around 16 - 18 weeks old. I have found no other droppings with evidence of blood before or since then. They have also been on medicated grower...
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    Barred Rock Eggs

    Curious if you have trying washing those speckled eggs? I had a Barred Rock that would lay what I thought was speckled eggs until I washed one with soft scrub of a sponge... the speckles washed off! The eggs were just like the other hens' egss, a light pinkish-brown.
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    1st egg today and ??? Pictures!!!! :)

    I am not at the egg laying/nest box stage... but I did have to crawl into my coop to hand delivery all 12 birds to the roost for 3 nights. On the fourth night, all dressed to crawl on chicken poop and what not, every one of those chickens were settled on the roost. It was surprisingly easy to...
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    What are your "away from home" plans with your chickens?

    We ask friends who either have chickens or actually like to hear my chicken stories to stop in once every other day to check feed, water, and collect eggs. I know their water will last 2 days, hence the every other day check in. I too offer them to keep the eggs, this makes my non-chicken-owning...
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    question about talking to the post office...

    My chicks shipped quicker than expected, so I never got to warn the post office. On top of my personal excitement about the babies arriving, my local post office was being consolidated with the next town's larger post office! I still received a call from the "other" post office at 6:30 am...
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    They are here!!!!!!!!!! ((Now with pics!))

    Thanks for sharing!! I love seeing those fluff balls and the polish were esp cute!
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    The water dunking cured my broody!! (Update w/ PIC)

    I too had a broody hen last fall with nothing to gain from it. My husband was worried about her losing too much body fat before the winter. We gave her three separate dips in our swimming pool within one day. There was plenty of ruckus when he removed her from her nest, but she was as calm as...
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    pale combs and wierd eyes

    In my experience, pale combs is a sign that the bird in not well.
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    Help identify type of roos please? Pics attached

    They look exactly like my baby White Plymouth Rocks, except for the black coloring feathers starting on their wings. My white rocks feathers are coming in pure white. Maybe that is what you get when you breed white rock w a barred rock?!? Sorry for the side ways pictures... A pic of the mixed...
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    Chicken laws in NJ

    My mother lives in Barnegat and her neighbor has a large flock of chickens, as well as geese, ducks, and horses. I have a hard time imagining you cannot have any in Waretwon, unless you are located in one of the suburban neighborhoods. Do as everyone suggests and contact your town hall! Its...
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    How do you ID your chickens?

    We use colored zip ties. Clear zip ties can be colored with Sharpies if you want everyone to have their own color. So far we have had only one hne to peck her tag off.... she was a very stubborn, resourceful girl!
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