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    Wheezing chicken

    flystrike occurs when flies lay their eggs on an animal or bird's skin (usually near a scratch or wound, or near the vent), then maggots hatch and begin eating the tissue. it smells godawful. have you wormed your hen recently? if not, you might want to do that. best, lynn
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    Lucy and the Heat in CA

    bringing an overheated hen into a cool house is a good idea! just put them in a crate or cage in a separate room and they shouldn't be any danger to your cats. i don't think there are many viruses that transmit from birds to mammals (besides avian flu, and then everyone's in trouble!). i...
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    Wheezing chicken

    is she eating and drinking? are you sure she doesn't have flystrike (a bad smell is a good sign of this)? did you check her whole body thoroughly under her feathers, including her vent? When you open her beak, does it smell bad? have you wormed her recently? some human antibiotics can be...
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    Hen with yellow poo and unwell

    it's really hard to say. i would check her thoroughly for other symptoms. does she appear to be straining as if trying to lay an egg? have you seen any sign of a broken egg inside her? is her poop normal? if she's eating and drinking, that is a good sign. i would isolate her in a crate or...
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    wormy chickens, advice?

    could be roundworms. regardless, you need to worm your birds. i've never used wazine, but there should be directions on the bottle. wazine has a 14 day withdrawal period, during which you shouldn't eat the birds or their eggs. i use ivermectin to worm my flock. i use the paste, calculate...
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    UPDATE on sick hen need advise PLEASE!!

    "white things" could be maggots. you must clean the area thoroughly with an antibiotic solution and use tweezers to remove any maggots and pests that you see. i use catron spray for flystrike (maggot infestation) - it's a wound spray so ok to use on broken skin...
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    Comb injury?

    the black spots could be blood...they look like scabs. how long ago was he injured? if it's not recent, then you might have another issue. either way, i would clean the comb with betadine and put antibiotic ointment on it every day until healed. good luck, lynn
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    New young chick pecked by older hen. How to nurse her back to health?

    sounds like she's been traumatized, and maybe has a head injury. i would keep her in a quiet, dark place for awhile and let her rest. i would add some vitamins to her water and try giving her some scrambled eggs. applesauce is not much nutrition for her. you can also try giving her some...
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    Chicken Flesh Eating Disease? Warning-Graphic pics

    i'm so sorry for your loss. i've never seen anything like her lesions, so would be curious to know the cause. i also wanted to recommend a spray that has saved several of my birds - CATRON IV. it's a foamy spray for wounds you can buy online from many vet/animal supply sites. you can spray...
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    Large laying hens wanted - Southern California

    Looking to purchase several large breed laying hens to expand my current flock. Located in Southern California. Local pickup only. Thanks, Lynn
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    Black Star Hens (10 weeks) San Diego

    Hi, Do you still have hens for sale? I'm interested in expanding my flock and looking for large laying hens. I'm located in the San Fernando Valley. Thanks, Lynn
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    aspergillus? - help!

    Vet thinks the antibiotics aren't working because it's aspergillus, which requires an antifungal (Vfend aka voriconazole). I had tried Naxel, as well, without success - which only makes it seem more likely that bacteria isn't the root of her problem. Thanks Trixi, I will keep you posted...
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    aspergillus? - help!

    I have a hen who's been dealing with what I thought was a respiratory infection for about a month. She was mouth-breathing, drinking lots of water, losing weight as she had trouble breathing while eating. She seemed to respond to Baytril, but after a couple of good weeks she has relapsed. Vet...
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    Need Help Diagnosing A Chicken Disease

    She's probably moulting. Our hens have every shade of backside, from pink to red-pink. Is it blood-red, or just deep pink? Any abrasions that you can see? When our girls lose alot of feathers, we sometimes put a "chicken saddle" on them to prevent injury during mating. You can find them...
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    I'm a big fan of Betadyne (and my vet recommends it). You can dilute it with water and apply with a syringe or soak the effected area - with no sensation. On wounds, we use that to clean wounds followed with some neosporin or antibiotic ointments. Hope your bird is doing well. Lynn
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