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    3rd request for help~could someone PLEASE PM me with help~thankyou~Im still not use to new layout of

    Feisty is my 1 1/2 yr old RIR,usually she is very feisty,not lately.Last week she was not acting normal,was staying off to the side,drinking alot and still eating but not as much as normal.We thought perhaps our weird weather freezing one day n warm the next was making her feel blaah.She has no...
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    Need Help PLEASE

    Ive not been on since the BYC page changed the format so Im not sure how to retrieve answers.I REALLY NEED HELP with my RIRed.Im Not sure what is wrong with her.For the last few days she hasnt been herself.No obvious injuries,deformities etc. She is DRINKING~ALOT. She has liguid with no poo n a...
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    Need help/suggestions for my sick RIR~"feisty"..

    Please give me ideas as to what to look for or to do to help my baby.The last day or 2 she is not herself.She will be 2 in April,normally very "feisty".She has no obvious deformities,she is drinking alot more than normal.She stays off to one side away from her sisters n just stands there.The...
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    Snakes - Waaaaaay Too Many Snakes

    Not sure if it helps or not but we have had more than our fair share of snakes,I cant stand them.We have both copperheads,black snakes as well as garden and other posenious snakes,either way..."they are outta here."Im so thankful they were not in the coop at the same time I was,OM~GG I would...
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    suggestions to keep water from freezing

    Good Morning,we have 3 degrees and negative wind chill.Despite my coop being insulated,the waterers were frozen this am.I cant do the water warmer,any other suggestions??? I wasnt thinking last night n left both waterers out there,so Im thawing 1 inside now..Doing it gradually so it doesnt...
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    Black poo~1 girl not acting right

    Hello,I have 3 wyondottes(2 1/2 yrs old) 4 RIR's (8 months old) All of them females,very healthy,happy and spoiled.This AM when I went to feed them breakfast and let them out to play.I noticed BLACK poo on the floor.About 4 different places,not runny and not a "dropping" like normal.It appears...
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    2 yolk egg~getting 1 of these a day..

    Does anyone know if this is normal? Is there something wrong? DH cracked a egg into the frying pan and it had 2 yolks.The next day,same thing.I cracked a egg n bingo~2 yolks.Seems as though 1 of our RIR's is laying 2 yolk eggs and 1 everyday now for over a week.Our 4 RIR's are almost...
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    Heat Related Deaths or complications due to the heat.

    My sympathies to those that have lost a baby in these temps.Ive been worried sick abt my girls in this horrible heat and going crazy with "trying everything."I have a 10 x8 coop and have set up 2 big box fans.In front of 1 of the fans I have a dish drainer tub w/1 gal jug of froz h20 n several...
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    oyster shells??

    thanks for your help and advice.I will put the oyster shells out in a separate dish so they can have them when they want.our RIR's will be 4months on Sunday and they started laying this week...YEAH.. we were/are sooo eggcited..
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    1 of my new babies gave me breakfast!!!

    OM~ Surprise!! One of my 4 new RIR's layed her 1st egg today.They will be 4mos on Aug 1st.It is a tinier egg than my 2 yr old wyondottes lay but it is pretty w/little specks on it...I think it was "ruby red."..I just had to share,we are all EGGCITED!!!
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    oyster shells??

    My 3 big girls are 2 years old.Our 4 babies are 4 months.We feed them the correct food and add "oyster shells" in w/the feed.Everyday they eat all the feed and pick out the oyster shells.They are either all over the floor or left in the bottom of the feed dish.WHAT else can I give them to make...
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    adding chicks to an existing flock

    I am also at a loss as to getting my new babies and the 3 older ones adjusted to each other?? I have 1 glw and 2 black ones(thought they were wyondottes as well,not sure after seeing other pics?) these 3 are 2 yrs old..Trying to figure out the best way to introduce 4 RIR that are almost 8weeks...
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    Check my guesses, these I think are roos ( lots of pics)

    Heather,the mystery chick pic looks like 3 of my other new girls n they said they were RIReds?? The other ones look just like my 2 n we were told they were SLW...tooo funny because it looks like you posted pics of my mine were born 4/1..
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    Check my guesses, these I think are roos ( lots of pics)

    Good Morning,I got on the byc to ask abt,"how you can tell~roo from hen"??? Your BR1,2 n 3 all look like the 2of my new ones I have and 1 of them is making some lound sounds that my other/older girls never made when they were this age..HOW DO YOU TELL A ROO FROM HEN???? I have 1GLW and 2 blk...
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    One of my girls is limping,what could be wrong?

    Update on eenie; there is no rooster,only eenie n her 2 sisters till my new girls arrive next month.I went back out to sit w/the girls and re-evaluate her foot/leg.Eenie now has a little swelling on her far left is in the middle..1/2 way between her nail n 1/2 way from where the toe meets...
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