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    We got a bear! coming into the yard

    BBB Blast Backhoe Be quiet
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    Sand for the run?

    I'm thinking about adding some 4x4s around the perimeter of the run (i've got plenty of old lumber) and adding a layer of sand to help with drainage. Has anyone else done this?
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    Here's a list\\
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    How to get rid of an armadillo?

    You can't catch Hansen's Disease from an armadillo unless you eat undercooked meat. Even then, the odds are miniscule.
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    Snake ID

    Nice jammies
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    will chickens eat ants?

    My 10-week-old barred rocks and black stars love ants. Here in South Louisiana, all we have are fire ants. Yesterday, free ranging in the yard, they found a pile of leaves (a bag plucked from the curb in front of a neighbor's house and dumped amid some azaleas but never spread.) Three or four...
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    how many cover their coop floor with linoleum?

    Those of you who used vinyl flooring (not the tiles): how did you attach the vinyl? Glue? Staples? Nails? After many phone calls, craigslist listing and other searching came up empty for reasonably priced vinyl remnents, my wife came home from her mother's with three rolls left over from a...
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    So I decided to build an underground coop: UPDATE pg 33

    Snow? You mean it sticks? You mean it stays for more than a day?
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    Advice on fence for run

    Converting an old play house into an 8x8 coop with a 24x8 run (7-feet high with bird netting "roof"). We're in an urban/suburban neighborhood and have coons, possums, owls and hawks. We also have four dogs in our fenced 1.5 acres who keep the predator population to a minimum. After reading...
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    Using scratch to save my garden

    Coop and run in design stages. My wife is thinking 6-8 chickens. I'm building big enough for 12-18. The coop and run will go next to the already-fenced garden, with a connecting gate. The idea: we can let the in when WE want to go after bugs/weeds. They may get to range in the yard at other...
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