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    **Need Advice on Golden Pheasants!!**

    Bella Blue and BTrent94, do not put your pheasants in with your ducks, the ducks are nasty animals and could make your pheasants sick, plus the ducks will devour all the food and your pheasants will starve, plus if the pheasants are in flight and happen to land in a pool (if you have one for...
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    BEWARE! Infectious Coryza! Loss of voice, discharge from eyes & nose.

    First, whenever I bring home new chickens, I treat them with Aureomycin (? spelling) for 2 weeks. Not only do I treat them, I treat all of my chickens at the same time. Your problem is self diagnosis. There are so many things with similiar symptoms. It may not be an infectious contagious...
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    For those that lock chickens in at night

    I go once in awhile for a couple days and what I do is keep them locked in the coop with all the windows open. I bought 2 5 gallon waters and have a 3 gallon. They all get filled to the brim and put in the coop before leaving. I add pans and fill all of them to the brim with their feed. It will...
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    RIR eyes swollen shut, diagnosis please? (pics)

    That is not from a peck in the eye and you did right by cleaning it each day. It is from congestion in the sinus cavity and it is backing up. I am fighting the exact same thing now with (started out 8) 6 baby chicks. As soon as I noticed it I started treatment with Tetracycline and purchased an...
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    Please Help!! Marek's Disease and vaccination question. HELP!

    Did you have a Vet diagnosis the disease? Or are you just assuming that is what it is from the signs and symptoms? I have had baby chicks end up doing thte same thing and it was not due to Mareks. If 1 baby has Mareks usually they all do because Mareks is highly contagious. There are many things...
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    Medicated Feed vs. Un-Medicated Feed and Supplements

    If you have noticed bloody stool, I would buy a treatment and go ahead and treat them through their water instead of switching feed. I do not use medicated feed and treat through water around 2 months and then 5 to 6 months before putting them with the flock. From there I treat when the weather...
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    Who is with me?

    Okay, Riqui, if that eggs is due to hatch soon, it may just be all right, don't give up hope, 3 days is not long. As for my peachick, it did not make it, but 2 others have hatched out since the, a lot of yellow with spots of brown. They are adorable and have 3 more in the bator. I have been...
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    I can do emoticons you can't/Lets have an emoticon contest

    Quote: Well if you knew it wasnt appropriate then why post it? In this day and age and the way a lot of the new generation is, we should all be use to it by now.
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    Medicated Feed vs. Un-Medicated Feed and Supplements

    Depending on where you live you do not have to deworm 3xs a year. I deworm as soon as the weather gets hot and my chickens are healthy and fine. When I do worm I also treat for Coccidiosis, both treatmeant applications go in the water. You can use your search engine and type in chicken...
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    The Last Letter Food Game (part deux)

    yellow squash
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    The Last Letter Food Game (part deux)

    italian sausage
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    Who is with me?

    Okay yappies. Those VG's are a gorgeous color, but gosh I can see where they got their names. My guineas have prettier heads than that and I thought they were only something a mother could love. At the price of $250, they can keep them all and in a year or 2 they keets will be the same price...
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    Medicated Feed vs. Un-Medicated Feed and Supplements

    Quote: I have to agree. I use the Coccidiosis treatment (once every 6 to 8 months) that goes in the water for 3 days and deworm them all at the same time. I do not wait until my birds are sick and dying, I just treat when the weather starts getting hot and the flies are numerous.
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    **Need Advice on Golden Pheasants!!**

    All chickens are carriers of Coccidiosis and this disease and others chickens may be carrying can be fatal to pheasants. There are some sturdier pheasants that can handle living in the same area as chickens, like ringnecks. Regardless of what we all say, you are going to do whatever you...
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