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    Emergency Volunteers: Firefighters, EMT's, First Responders

    Quote: Really? My job is an emergency medical dispatcher! who would have thought that i'd meet another dispatcher chicken person here! haha i love it! HA! Me too! I'm at work now- night shift weekends. Tonight we've had a couple shootings, multiple stabbings, a large disturbance, multiple...
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    Out late again miss chicken?

    She'll come in when it gets cold . Seriously, I always have a rouge one sleeping on the roof or a tree, not a big deal for me.
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    Watery eggwhites

    Be aware that egg whites in fresh eggs are not like egg whites in commercial eggs. My girls are not laying as well as they once did, and I am having to supplement with store eggs. My 15 yo is whining because the white isn't "right". So check into that before you decide they are sick, might just...
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    WTB White leghorns

    egss or chicks at a fair price. Thanks!
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    Do broodies work beter than bators??? Help!

    Not just ducks, but any broody can decide to give it up. I have had chickens do it, and yes, that is why it is handy to have the incubator- so that you can finish what they start. As she said, first timers can be unpredictable.
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    Kdgn teacher needs help

    That is going to be really too cold for the incubation- you are going to need to heat it up.
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    Our kitchen remodel! Tile floor is finished (pic pg 4)!!!

    A heat gun will work on the glue too. And yea, went to Lowes last week cause the hubbyn needed a new blade for the band saw. Left with a $150.00 sander. I have no idea why. Bless his heart, his goal in life is to own every tool ever created.
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    Coop on the ground or off the ground?

    I have both, and prefer the off the ground.
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    If someone was willing to give you a free puppy, would you take it?

    We have three dogs now. I really feel like this is my limit as far as time, energy and money to care for them. If you can provide everything that all the dogs need, go for it.
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    Crime: Why does anyone even bother?

    Quote: If you are referring to me, you are wrong on 2 points- I have been inside prisons, for many years, and I hold no hatred. My faith and belief in God command that I hate no one and nothing, and after years of letting hatred eat me up, I gave it up for good. I pity people. I feel bad for...
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    Crime: Why does anyone even bother?

    Quote: If it turns out to be true that diet effects the crime rate. We should be using the information and monetary funds to improve the dietary needs of the elementary school children in an attempt to improve the future. Not to Improve the meals of ADULTS THAT HAVE ALREADY RUINED THEIRS. I...
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    My hens won't lay in the coop and keep getting out of yard to lay !!

    Quote: Before my girls had the routine down, I had a golf ball in each nest box to show them what goes where. I don't have the woods problem, but if any of mine ever laid in the run, I just locked them inside the coop for a couple days so their only option was to lay in the nest box. Then...
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    NOW JUST PLAIN MAD Big deal Blood in Egg? What is the problem

    That is just uneducated people. It is a natural occurence that people don't accept because mass production prevents nature from happening. As a Christian I would say- find a new church. Doesn't sound to me like this one has the right foundation.
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    My biggest predator!

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    Funny or not?

    LOL, I got a giggle
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