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    quails hatching soon! tips?

    Can you see in your incubator without opening to post some pictures? Would love to follow along.
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    Spoiled Coturnix Quail Set-up

    I love the little plant in their corner. How many quail do you have? Please update when they start laying!
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    Why raise Quails?

    Great comments! Thanks everyone. I've been considering a small flock of quail for years. I personally enjoy having livestock but live in a neighborhood and don't have plans to live on more acreage in the near future. I love birds and it seems like quail would be fun and productive. Can anyone...
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    White Rock chick I'm hoping is a pullet

    Hi everyone! Revisiting some old posts I made. I dropped off of the chicken scene for a while. The mystery of the white chicks was solved. The chick that I received as an extra "meal maker" where I chose to receive an extra pullet and was encouraged to share eggs with those in need. I was...
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    Treasure Coast (Florida!) Cream Legbar Hen

    I need to rehome a Cream Legbar hen that I've raised from a chick. I'm posting on BYC rather than Facebook because I'm hoping to find someone experienced who wants a unique bird to add to their flock. I ordered her with a small batch of chicks from Meyer's Hatchery and her hatch date was...
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    Calling all pictures of Barnevelders

    That looks like a cool chicken yard with happy chickens!
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    Calling all pictures of Barnevelders

    Thanks for sharing! I know my reply is later so you've probably collected a few more of those eggs from her. She's pretty! Is she calm? Friendly? The one Barnevelder I have is the most standoffish of my flock. If I touch her she makes noises like a hen on the nest! I don't need all of them to...
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    White Rock chick I'm hoping is a pullet

    Under the right circumstances, I would agree. X}
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    Calling all pictures of Barnevelders

    How exciting! They look like a nice color. Can you post pictures of sweet Hazel? What will you do with the eggs? Fry, scramble, bake...?
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    Need Shade Ideas for Coop

    Cute idea with the window, curtains, and plantar!
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    Deep litter method

    I agree the pine needles (right?) look pretty and probably much more dry than hay! Also abundant in some areas and free!
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    Deep litter method

    Thanks for all the great posts on this thread! I'm building up a deep litter in my new hoop coop that started with several large bags of Aspen shavings and I keep adding leaves from my yard to. I've read that it's recommended to start with ~6" and go from there. I'm more building up to that over...
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    Chicken sitter instructions

    I didn't see an option for uploading a doc so I pasted it. Some of the formating is lost but this is the text. I also labeled the feed, jugs for refilling water, poop ahem COOP shoes, and other items in the workshop with green paper. Taking care of the girls should take 5-10 minutes. Here are...
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    Chicken sitter instructions

    Thanks! We had a great trip. We got to experience some traditional NC weather. It was misty and cloudy/foggy about half the time we were there and we loved it! I don't need Florida sunshine every day while I'm in NC. We felt like we were walking through a fairy forest while we were hiking with...
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    8 week old easter egger➡ pullet or cockerel?

    She's lovely! Thanks for following up.
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