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    6+ SQ (german line) NEW HAMPS ** NPIP **

    so is it $15 fee plus $15 shipping to continental US?
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    Drum roll Please ... First Harvested Chicken ...

    Day 2 ... Homemade chicken and rice soup made with fresh vegetables including corn cut from the cob! Holy Smokes even BETTER! Edited to clarify...
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    Drum roll Please ... First Harvested Chicken ...

    Interesting result ... taste was really really really good. But not a lot of meat; even for a 9 month old roo. Another interesting point is that I really liked the breast meat (what little there was) better than the dark meat. I sense cornishX in our future!
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    I think I finally go the hang of it . . .

    Wow that looks great! As big as a TURKEY! Great job!
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    Drum roll Please ... First Harvested Chicken ...

    Here is a picture of my fresh from the oven barred rock rooster who was processed on Saturday. Yes ... I do recognize he doesn't have much breast meat, but that's great for me ... I don't like white meat! Cooked in a Romertopf clay pot ... I'm going to have to get a bigger one; these guys...
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    Picture of my BR rooster (cooked)

    Excellent information ... I believe our first home grown barred rock will be tonight's dinner (slaughtered Saturday). I really appreciate the information on the breast vs. leg/thigh because I actually don't like breast meat ... so this helps ALOT! A 4 pound breast on a 6 pound bird is likely...
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    difference in Corn. X's & other meat birds?

    Another thought ... true that they will never be roasters ... but if you read the stickie at the top you will see that leghorns are a heritage breed fryer. Harvest them at fryer age and enjoy.
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    Picture of my BR rooster (cooked)

    So ... did he taste as good as you expected? Compare to the grocery store chicken cooked the same way .... Were you happy with your method of cooking and do you think that impacted his tenderness? Although I suppose at his age it wouldn't have mattered? We're trying to figure out whether to...
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    Need Advice

    I have found the leghorns to be absolutely fantastic egg layers ... but they really aren't very good pets. They are way too flighty and don't have any desire to be around us. I do know they used to be harvested as fryers, but they are kind of out of favor for meat because they are quite...
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    First time done, planning for next time

    My mom's husband has done both and we discussed this after our successful experience with the chickens this weekend. He (and he's a retired Ranger) says the rabbits are much more difficult. That cute factor, you know. I've never tasted rabbit, but have heard it tastes like chicken, so I think...
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    First time done, planning for next time

    Great job! Yes ... sharp knife lesson learned here as well; but we had our knife sharpener equipment right there and just put a better edge on it before we did the others. It feels very .... successful I guess is the term, doesn't it? Congrats and much success for the future.
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    First Time Processor This Weekend ... How Many Join Me?

    Quote: Free loader ... that is so funny! Anyway, yes it was nice ... we paid them $10 for a rental share in the equipment for the weekend ... still a deal! Daughter is now on board (at least until she has to actually put her hand inside and pull the chicken guts out). She also just...
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    I figured it out!

    Yah .... but you can't tease us like that and not run us through the details!
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    First Time Processor This Weekend ... How Many Join Me?

    Thanks ... there were 4 of us ... essentially all newbies (although as I mentioned our hostess had done it about 15 years ago).
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    Processed yesterday ... They are still in the ice chest with ice

    No worries of the ice melting too soon. I dont have a lot of room in the fridge. I am confused .... Are the supposed to set wet or dry? Is the cooler ok? What should i be doing and when do. Get to eat?
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